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Dayenu: When Is It Enough

Sitting at a friend’s seder table, full and content and a bit bleary-eyed, I was awakened by this lovely sermon that was to be given the next morning. Welcome, guest blogger Rabbi Rosalie M. Osian. Thanks for sharing your words. … Continue reading

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Bread of Affliction: One Crust at a Time

As with most Jewish educators, Sunday mornings are generally not spent with the paper, coffee, and a lovely brunch with friends. We are up early, sometimes ridiculously early, to make Jews. We are teaching holidays, hearing Hebrew, and this time … Continue reading

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In Search of Sparks

Ask a little kid how old they are and you will very rarely get a round number.  Instead of 4 years old they might say, “I’m four and three quarters” or “I’m going to be five in thirty-four days.” Kids … Continue reading

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Freedom, For Real

It is no surprise that this is the time of year that I find myself contemplating freedom.  As we begin to study Pesach, the festival where we recall our redemption from Pharaoh’s oppression, I ask my students what freedom means.  … Continue reading

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Moon over the Seder

One of the hazards of the professional Jew is that we can’t help spending time looking at the heavens.  And sometimes, it affects us more than you could imagine.  On Purim evening, I was rushing back to NYC for the … Continue reading

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