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“The Other” Is You

In preparation for the new season of Downton Abbey, PBS ran a behind-the-scenes show the other night. I was struck by their insistence on propriety. Clothing, posture, and manners must adhere to the period. (Although, we have caught a few … Continue reading

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Blogging the Torah: Parashat Miketz, On Terror and Grain

This has been a difficult Chanukah for this world.  As we light our candles in the darkest time of the year, we struggle to find a way to overcome the darkness of this world with the light of goodness.  In … Continue reading

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Parashat Vayetze: Blogging the Torah, The Thanksgiving triathalon of eat, run, shop

I’ve always loved Thanksgiving. The Thanksgivings of my youth were quiet days. Everything in the neighborhood was closed! My mother either cooked or one of my aunts did. It was a great time to spend with my cousins and the … Continue reading

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