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Coincidence, I Think Not

I had a friend who lived with a terrible lung disease.  She used to say, “God doesn’t micromanage.” I’ve always felt uncomfortable with the idea that every little occurrence has some meaning beyond what it is.  Somehow I just always … Continue reading

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Blogging the Torah: Parashat Emor, The Blasphemer Revisited

I heard a d’var Torah today that focuses on the blasphemer in Emor, this week’s Torah portion.  It sparked my memory that I had written the Dvar Torah below last year.  At that point, I didn’t know that the story … Continue reading

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Blogging the Torah: Parashat Behar-Bechukkotai, How Can I Observe Sh’mittah when I Live in a Four-Story Walk-Up?

One of my favorite books of midrashim is the children’s book, Does God Have a Big Toe? In the first story, “Partners,” Rabbi Marc Gellman describes a conversation between God and the angels.  The angels think that the universe is … Continue reading

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