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We’re Still Here!

“Good times and bum times, I’m still here.”  So begins the venerable singer Elaine Stritch’s signature song “I’m Still Here.”  Even in a White House performance where she struggles to remember the lyrics, she is still here.  And I’m hoping … Continue reading

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Parashat Vayeshev: Who Hasn’t Wanted to Throw Their Little Brother in a Pit?

A few days ago, a colleague and I were schmoozing before school.  She was trying to decide what to speak about at her pulpit this Shabbat.  I suggested tying in Thanksgiving, families coming together, reconciling.  Her response: “We’re not there … Continue reading

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Parashat Toldot: And You Thought Your Family Was Dysfunctional

When we last saw Issac, he had just survived an almost assassination, uh, I mean sacrifice attempt, by his own father, which may or may not have caused the death of his mother. Now that Issac is going to live, … Continue reading

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