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Blogging the Torah: Parashat Pinchas, Whose Seed is it Anyway?

This post is dedicated to my teacher, my friend, Hazzan Faith Steinsnyder. If royal watchers were Bob Dylan fans, they might be singing “The Times They Are A Changin’.” The Parliament has passed a law allowing the monarchy to be … Continue reading

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Blogging the Torah: Parashat Balak, Mah Tovu Ohalech WCN

I am renewed.  I am exhausted. There is music running around my brain.  I wake up with a song in my head.  My cup is filled after a glorious week with my chaverot at the Women Cantors’ Network annual conference.  … Continue reading

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The Happiest Place On Earth

Elu D’varim She-ein Lahem Shiur These are the things that are limitless… Peah 1:1 They say that Disneyland is the happiest place on earth. But I beg to differ; there is none happier than the City Clerk’s office of the … Continue reading

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