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The High Price of Materialism

A nice pairing with my previous blog post!

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Parashat Vayetze: Blogging the Torah, The Thanksgiving triathalon of eat, run, shop

I’ve always loved Thanksgiving. The Thanksgivings of my youth were quiet days. Everything in the neighborhood was closed! My mother either cooked or one of my aunts did. It was a great time to spend with my cousins and the … Continue reading

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Guest Blogger: Happy Thanksgiving, Make Yourself a Seder

TIME TO PLAN YOUR THANKSGIVING SEDER! –Turkey and Football are Not Enough! No one knows exactly what happened at the first Thanksgiving, but we are pretty sure that God was on the guest list. Along the way, Thanksgiving, like so … Continue reading

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Blogging the Torah: Parashat Chayei Sarah, Ach! Families!

As with so many of the parshiot in Bereshit, Chayei Sarah is jam-packed with the real life activities of our ancestors.  Named after the first few words of the parasha, Chayei Sarah — literally the life of Sarah — is … Continue reading

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Blogging the Torah: Parashat Vayera, Out of the Dark

Rabbi Ben Bag-Bag, in what has been turned into one of my students’ favorite songs, said in Pirkei Avot, “turn it, for everything is in it.” Unfortunately, not everything is this palatable.  This week’s portion, Vayera, brings us some of … Continue reading

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Mah Gadlu: Blackout edition

Things to be grateful for: Chocolate and scotch Long lasting Shabbos candles that burn for hours Havdalah candles that burn really bright Living on only the 4th floor Lots of warm clothes to put on Starbucks free wifi Cosi free … Continue reading

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