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Blogging the Torah: Hukkat, Experiential Education 101

“Oh, you have the summer off. How nice.”  As a Jewish Educator, I hear that expression often. I smile politely and try not to think of how many hours I will spend preparing for next fall.  And yes, while I … Continue reading

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Blogging the Torah: Parashat Korah, REBELLION-SCHMELLION

Scene opens:  The people are dancing and doing all sorts of debauchery around the golden calf.  They have given up on their leader.  He’s been up on the mountain too long and they think he was eaten by a wolf … Continue reading

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Blogging the Torah: Shelach L’cha, As the Tzitzit Fly

Savasana, I often joke, is my favorite yoga pose.  This is the restful pose that concludes our yoga practice.  We are supposed to lie flat on our back and quiet our body and mind.  During savasana, my mind is not … Continue reading

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Blogging the Torah: B’ha-alot’cha, Communities and Quail

Just this week I attended the Jewish Futures Conference here in New York.  David Bryfman, Director of the New Center for Collaborative Leadership at the Jewish Education Project, posed the following questions: What are our communities? How many communities do … Continue reading

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