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Blogging the Torah: Tazria-Metzorah, How Open is Your Camp?

During my year studying in Israel during the late nineties, a friend asked me to join her as she worked with students with special needs.  As we traveled to the school not far from her home in Kfar Saba, I … Continue reading

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What Does a Jew Look Like?

In my fifth grade class, I often begin my Klal Yisrael curriculum by placing several pictures on the table and asking the students what these faces have in common.  I include white faces, black faces, movie stars like Natalie Portman, … Continue reading

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The Third Bridge Table on the End

I am the youngest child and the youngest grandchild.  My mother is the youngest of seven girls.  At the seders of my childhood, I was at the end of what always seemed like the longest possible table, my grandmother’s huge … Continue reading

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Freedom, For Real

It is no surprise that this is the time of year that I find myself contemplating freedom.  As we begin to study Pesach, the festival where we recall our redemption from Pharaoh’s oppression, I ask my students what freedom means.  … Continue reading

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