Talking about God

Welcome to my new blog.  As a Jewish educator bouncing around the Jewish world teaching, singing, and leading all sorts of stuff, I am finding that prayer and God are not the same to any two Jews.

Recently I have begun to lead a service for tots in a Reform congregation.  They do not know it’s a service; they just come to sing and to dance.  Shockingly, it’s pretty faithful to the basic format of a Jewish morning service.  We thank God for the blessings of the day, say the Shma, remember our redemption at Sinai, and talk about God’s greatness. And then we do some Torah study, which for us means learning about a holiday and doing a craft.  This month we learned about Shabbat and the kids made Shabbat placemats.

And, we talk about God.  One of the greatest things about little kids is that they are not afraid to talk about God.  They do not say:  I don’t believe in God, there is no God, or the numerous negative comments that older kids, and their parents, say.  They are just open to possibilities and happy to sing.  How great would it be if all children and adults felt this way?

Proud creator of a new placemat

About Gail F. Nalven

Jewish Educator, Rabbi, Tefillah Leader, Songleader, Teacher, and Freelance Jew
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